Lending Solutions


LendrzHub has one of the most aggressive and resourceful ISO partner programs in the industry, helping the Independent Sales Organization elevate their game.


LendrzHub Partner Program

Every day LendrzHub helps numerous ISO partners find the financing for their clients letting them grow and thrive. With our extensive marketplace of over 100 lenders and direct funders, we can find small businesses the best financing solutions they need by stepping outside the traditional lending approach. We’ve simplified the process and created a trusted and proven personal experience for independent sales agents. We pride ourselves on making small business lending simple. These are the pillars to which our business is built.

To ensure the success of LendrzHub and our partners, we have designed a partner program to recruit, develop and support a strong partner channel. This program is designed to enable and incentivize the strength of each partner and support the overall growth of their business, while providing them with the industry's highest payouts and a powerful strategic leverage.

LendrzHub has one of the most generous compensation models.



Partnering with LendrzHub will:

  • Help you generate revenue

  • Strengthen your brand

  • Increase your customer loyalty

  • Build credibility

  • Broaden your product mix

  • Boost customer retention

  • Allow for easier future up-sell opportunities

  • Empower your customers


The need we fill in the industry:

  • 40% of small business owners consider additional funding for their business each year.

  • 80% of small business loan applications to traditional banks are rejected.

  • 70% of small business owners are unaware that alternative financing sources exist.


Our Partner Program

LendrzHub is a partner-centric organization with a robust ecosystem of creative and innovative partners. We rely on our partner community and understanding that with strong partnerships come amazing growth and great opportunities.

LendrzHub’s disruptive market practices are reshaping the financing industry. Due to our proprietary technology, the huge consumer demand, and low partnership investment costs, we’ve positioned ourselves and our partners with the ability to offer small business owners the best financing options available through our marketplace platform.


We’ve managed to position our partners with the ability to offer small business owners the best financing options available through our marketplace platform.


What you can Expect from a Partnership with LendrzHub

Partnering with LendrzHub means you can leverage us to give your customers white-gloved service. You can offer your customers and prospects a variety of financing options they would have not otherwise been privy to. Offering such a solution makes your products and services that much more valuable and helps sustain a viable small business ecosystem.